Transform Your Spare Bedroom Into a Library

If your ideal evening at home is spent cozying up with a great book, then converting a spare bedroom into your own home library may be the perfect way to maximize that space. A home library is a great way to organize all your reading material neatly, while complementing the space with an over-sized chair or creative storage. Here, we will give you a few tips on creating the ideal home library for your home.

The Right Bookcases

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Floor-to-ceiling, built-in bookcases add a sense of traditional charm to a home library. However, unless you’re exceptionally handy, you will most likely want to hire a contractor to build sturdy, long-lasting bookshelves. Many contractors can easily create a bookcase in any style that suits your taste. Then the shelving can either be stained using the wood finish of your choice or painted with a color that is complementary to the room.

You can, however, skip the contractor and find a set of matching bookcases at a furniture store. If you select this option, though, you’ll want to take very accurate measurements—from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall—to assure a good fit.

Lights and Shading

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The key to any great home library is having the proper lighting in the room. This can be achieved with lamps or by installing great overhead lighting. Reducing glare from the outside light is also important, so consider buying shades to help control natural lighting. Blackout shades are highly effective, keeping out about 99 percent of outside light from entering a room. Blackout shades also serve the dual purpose of helping maintain a pleasant temperature in the room, by keeping the environment cooler in the summer months and warmer in winter. Up to 25 percent of thermal energy escapes through the windows; blackout shades essentially cancel out that thermal energy loss, thereby helping reduce your energy costs.

Decor For Your Home Library

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No home library or reading nook is ever complete without having the perfect easy chair to settle into. New York based interior designer David Kaihoi suggests over-sized furniture, saying, “Big furniture makes a small room seem grander.”

Of course, what creates an inviting space varies from one individual to the next, but you will need to determine the wall color that creates the atmosphere you desire in the room. This will often help you determine colors of the furniture, shelving, lamps and other decor… including whether or not you want to have a monochrome look throughout that space.

You’ll also want to remember that the books themselves, with varying colors, heights and book jackets, will also add to the overall feel of the room. An art deco mirror or colorful painting can also create dramatic accents throughout the room.