Tips for Buying Art Online

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a level of income that allowed you to walk into some ritzy art gallery and buy whatever pieces of art caught your eye? Since the average American buys less than one piece of expensive art in a lifetime, it is pretty safe to say that the reason is probably not a lack of desire or interest in quality art, but rather a lack of funding. The Internet has changed the way that people can buy art. You can go to sites such as Etsy, eBay, or Mimi’s Muses and find original pieces of art for a fraction of the price you would pay when you purchase a piece of original art from a gallery. Buying art online can be the perfect solution for your bare walls, but you want to follow a couple of rules before you become an online art connoisseur.

Measure First

Before going online art shopping (or any type of art shopping for that matter), you will want to get an accurate measurement of the space that you are hoping to put your art. This is especially true if you are buying online. You will want the actual measurements of your wall space in front of you and make sure that the measurements of the piece of art fall within the parameters of your space. This applies to all types of art from light fixtures to framed pictures. You do not want to be surprised when your new purchase comes in the mail to find that it is much smaller, or much larger than it appeared in the picture, and that it will not work for your intended space at all. With luck you will be able to find another location for it, especially if it is a piece that you love. But that leads to the next point.

Safe Not Sorry

Make sure that the seller has a solid and realistic return policy. Most sellers realize that the buyer is taking a bit of a risk when buying art without having actually seen it in person. Sometimes seeing a piece of art through a computer screen distorts the feeling, color, or overall appearance of the piece of artwork. You may think that it is going to fit in perfectly with your overall decorating scheme, only to see it in person and realize that it is not going to work at all. Before purchasing any art online, check the return policy. Chances are, you will not need it. But it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Customer Satisfaction

If you are buying from an unknown source, check for customer satisfaction ratings. If there is none to be found, feel free to contact the seller and ask for references or customer comments. The Internet has become a wonderful way for obscure or fledgling artists to sell their work to the world without having to spend a lot of money. Who knows, when you buy a piece of work from an online site such as Mimi’s Muses, you may be buying a masterpiece by an artist in the making.