7 New Years Resolutions That Mean Something

While the never-ending quest to lost 15 pounds may be admirable to some, I’m getting sick of making promises I can’t keep every December 31st. After a superficial and materialistic Christmas season, it’s important to look back with some introspection at New Years. This year, I’m making a resolution to be happier in 2014, and here’s how.

1. Do something kind for someone else every single day. Big or little, for family or strangers, I’m going to touch at least 365 lives this year.

2. Don’t let your happiness depend on a significant other. It’s so easy not to be responsible for your own happiness, but 2014 will be the year that I take that responsibility.

3. Experience life. This year, I’m transitioning from fashion blogs to travel blogs! I’m done spending my money on frivolities; this year I’m saving up for experiences of a lifetime.

4. Learn how to say no. I’m old enough to know how to prioritize, and to recognize when taking something on will enhance my life or not. Saying no is the hardest thing to do, but this year I need to.

5. Stay in touch with friends and relatives around the world. With technology, there’s really no excuse not to! There are so many people I’ve lost touch with who are leading such wonderful lives, and I want to be a part of them this year.

6. Try something new. Or multiple somethings. It’s time to realize that Netflix doesn’t really count as a hobby.

7. Take a little more “me” time. Right now, that time will probably be spent sleeping!

What are your NYE resolutions this year?