10 Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and before you get too involved in your food coma, don’t forget to celebrate turkey day with some of TV’s finest moments! There’s no excuse for busting out the Christmas carols before you have watched at least a few of these old and new classics.

10. Slapsgiving, How I Met Your Mother Season 3









The “slap bet” is one of the best running gags in TV history, and it all culminates in this hilarious episode. Lily declares that Marshall can’t use one of his five random slaps on Thanksgiving, and Barney takes advantage of the ban to be obnoxious throughout the episode. When Lily removes the ban and Marshall slaps Barney, Marshall sings the delightful “You Just Got Slapped” original song and TV history is made.

9. Thanksgiving, New Girl Season 1







New Girl accomplishes something that few TV shows do, a heartwarming and fun Thanksgiving episode in the first season. The story of young adults not quite knowing how to navigate Thanksgiving is a familiar one, and New Girl’s rendition culminates in quirky leading lady Zooey Deschanel trying to thaw a frozen turkey in the dryer.

8. Homo for the Holidays, Will & Grace Season 2







Even without the funny episode name, this Will & Grace episode has some laughs of its own. When Will, Grace, and Karen find out that flamboyant friend Jack hasn’t come out to his mother, their meddling causes some family secrets to come out. Like any Will & Grace episode, it manages to be delightfully lighthearted and heartwarming.

7. Blair Waldorf Must Pie, Gossip Girl Season 1









There are those who might question Gossip Girl making it onto any “best of” lists, but this episode is a guilty pleasure classic. By this point I was already so over Serena and Dan, so their discovery that their parents used to bonk was just hilarious and not at all troubling.

6. A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls Season 3








Everyone loves watching skinny ladies eat lots of food, and Gilmore Girls serves it up in this episode. Lorelei and Rory attend four Thanksgiving meals in one day, and of course there are lots of heart-melting mother-daughter moments along the way.

5. Shibboleth, The West Wing







President Bartlett makes news when he decides to only pardon one turkey and draft the other into military service. There’s a lot more important plot lines going on in this episode, but we’d really prefer to focus on the funny turkey one.

4. Samantha’s Thanksgiving to Remember, Bewitched








An oldie but a goodie, this Bewitched episode features Samantha and family being zapped to the first Thanksgiving and celebrating Pilgrim-style. Darrin is accused of being a witch, and Samantha has to get them back to the future.

3. The Mom and Pop Store, Seinfeld








This episode takes high honors because it skips right over the sappy happy part of Thanksgiving and sticks with the hilarity that Seinfeld knows best. Everything goes wrong in this episode, including Jerry popping the Woody Woodpecker float that was supposed to be in the parade. Ouch.

2. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving








More of a TV special than a TV episode, Charlie Brown is one of the best ways to kick off a holiday right. The Thanksgiving special is no Great Pumpkin or Christmas, but it’s still a good time. Peppermint Patty invites herself over and, even though Charlie can’t cook, he can’t help but accept. Luckily, Thanksgiving is saved when the kids go to Charlie and Lucy’s grandmother’s, but not before some classic Charlie bullying takes place.

1. The One With All the Thanksgivings, Friends Season 5







Ohhh who doesn’t love a Friends Thanskgiving? And this one definitely takes the cake, because viewers get to enjoy the only thing better than a Friends Thanksgiving, Friends Flashbacks! The time Joey stuck his head in a turkey, the time Monica accidentally cut off Chandler’s toe when he called her fat, and more are reminisced upon in this episode.