How A Japanese Soaking Tub Differs From A Hot Tub

Everyone is familiar with a hot tub. You’ve jumped in one at the hotel or a friend’s house, but you may have never seen a Japanese soaking tub. The two are very different, however, and the benefits of a soaking tub over a hot tub are many.

So what is a soaking tub?

In Japanese culture, it has been known for many decades that there are therapeutic benefits to soaking in hot water. Thousands of years ago the Japanese would spend time in hot springs by themselves or with their families to enjoy the relaxing warmth. Over time this lead to the development of the “ofuro”, a tub of clean hot water that is common in many Japanese homes. Common models are made out of wood or stainless steel and tend to seat one or two users, with a depth of around 27 inches. So while a hot tub typically ends up in a back yard or on a porch, the small size of a soaking tub makes it perfect for a bathroom.

No chemicals necessary

Hot tub owners also have the laborious task of keeping up on all of the chemicals that come along with ownership. This means consistently purchasing things like chlorine/bromine, pH balancers and a variety of other chemicals and learning how to use them properly. A soaking tub, though, requires no chemicals, and manufacturers use materials that are bacteria and rot resistant. The tubs are self purifying use only minerals to maintain their water purity, making them a great low cost option for grabbing a hot soak.

Low energy use

Another great benefit of a Japanese soaking tub is the low cost of ownership. Compared to a hot tub that needs to be heated in a sometimes chilly environment (think of the Midwest in February), the small footprint of a soaking tub means it can run off of a standard 110 volt outlet for heating, and it has less heating to perform when kept in the cozy confines of your home. Compared to a hot tub, a Japanese soaking tub will be a blip on your energy bill each month. For example, the soaking tub from Furo Health uses a 12 watt system that can circulate, filter and heat the water for literally cents each day. No hot tub you’ll find can run that cheaply.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a hot tub but not been able to afford it, a soaking tub might bea good option for you. The health benefits for people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia or any number of ailments are all available from a soaking tub, but for a fraction of the cost of a standard hot tub. If you’re interested, it might be worth a look on Google to see if you can find one that fits your needs.