Nautical Gifts for Sea Lovers

Is sailing a favorite hobby by someone in the family? We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for the sailors or pirates in them. Nautical Antiques carries an incredible selection of nautical gift ideas that will have them yelling “Shiver me timbers!” Whether they’re on their yacht sailing the seven seas, or at home plotting their next adventure on a map, your sailor-themed gift will remind them of the smell of the salty sea.

Gimbal Box ClockA Weems & Plath Gimbal Box Clock is made of beautiful solid wood mahogany finish. It has a traditional brass gimbal with a locking arm, a quality German quartz movement, and a brass plate for personalization. Engraving comes with a small fee but shipping is free! Nautical Antiques will also match any lower prices you find online.



Stormglass Weather ForecasterThe Stormglass Weather Forecaster from Weems & Plath comes in a classic black presentation box. This type of weather forecasting device allows the user to forecast the weather by observing the appearance of the liquid in the glass. Clear liquid means the weather will be bright and clear; cloudy liquid means the weather will be cloudy as well; the appearance of small dots in the liquid means humid or foggy weather; and a cloudy glass with small stars indicates thunderstorms. The gift also comes with free shipping!

Solitaire Di Venezia GameThe 25-mm Solitaire Di Venezia Game consists of 38 (two spares) individually hand-blown colorful glass marbles against a solid ebony board. The game of Solitaire is reputed to have been invented by a nobleman confined in the Bastille prison during the French Revolution. The objective of the game is to eliminate all but one marble, which should ideally end up in the center of the game board.


Miniature YachtA miniature sailing yacht will surely remind your favorite sailor of the big blue ocean! This 22.5” high, 20” long, and 5.5” wide yacht can be placed on a mantle or table for the perfect nautical-themed room.



Whatever you’re looking for, shop at Jonesport Nautical Antiques and find that one-of-a-kind gift to celebrate your loved one’s passion!