5 Stories that Prove Celebrities are Crazy

Celebrities aren’t like the rest of us. They’re richer, they’re better looking, and they have a lot more things. But there’s a little secret lurking behind those million dollar smiles and designer wardrobes: there’s a good portion of them that are totally insane. Need proof? Here are five stories of celebrities that may convince you that there’s a disproportionate level of crazy going around on the A-List.

1. Steve Jobs was Probably Stinky

The Apple genius was undoubtedly brilliant, but as with many intellectuals, hygiene was not always priority uno. Steve notoriously hated showering, but once he became rich enough people stopped talking about it quite so much. He even went on a diet of exclusively fruits during his college years because he believed it would keep him from needing to shower. According to our sources, it was not effective.

2. Victoria Beckham Puts Poop on Her Face

Posh Spice apparently had an acne problem and was convinced by someone that the best course of action was to put some poop on her face. More specifically, she used a facial that contains nightingale poop as one its main ingredients. Now, David and Victoria both swear by the stuff. It’s probably not worth trying though, as the facial costs 135 British pounds.

3. KISS Bleeds for Their Fans

It may not surprise you that KISS is a little crazy. I mean, just look at them. There’s definitely a bit of eccentricity associated with that level of costuming. But in one of their more absurd stunts, KISS actually mixed vials of their own blood into the red ink used for their Marvel comic books. But wait– is this actually true? Skeptics may wonder about the validity (and the legality) of this story, but it is actually accurate. If the photographic evidence isn’t enough, KISS actually had a Notary Bonding ┬árepresentative witness the mixing of the ink and the signing of the contract. So if you ever wondered how a comic book nerd ended up with an STD, there you go.

4. Danny Devito has a Foot Fetish…For Himself

Don’t believe me? Just follow the guy on Twitter. Devito loves to take pictures of his affectionately dubbed “Trol Feet” and tweet them for the world to enjoy.

5. Johnny Depp Blames Everything on Armadillos

You might expect Johnny Depp to have a bit of a rap sheet, but the truth is that this celebrity rarely gets in trouble with the law. One of his only run-ins occurred when he wrecked his hotel room in 1994. The noise was so bad that The Who’s lead singer, Roger Daltry, called the police. (When a rock star makes a noise complaint, you know it’s bad.) When the police arrived, the room was wrecked and Depp claimed that an armadillo jumped out of the closet and did the damage.