15 Ways Google Changed Your Life

Is anyone else surprised to hear that Google isn’t even old enough to drive yet? I mean, if you think about it, we all know that Google hasn’t really been around for all that long, but it is still difficult to comprehend that the tech giant is a mere adolescent. In honor of Google’s 15th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of 15 ways that Google has changed the way we live.

  1. Google search allows recruiters, bosses, and ex-girlfriends and boyfriends an easy way to dig up dirt in mere seconds.
  2. Google’s early acquisition of YouTube propelled the video hosting site into stardom and brought cat videos, babies eating pickles, and call me maybe parodies into our lives.
  3. Google Docs allows people around the world to collaborate in real time on a single document. Or, more often, it allows college students to complete an entire group project without ever leaving the comfort of their dorms.
  4. The switch to Google Chrome helped you to perform searches with ease, and helped remember your passwords and credit card info with even more ease, leading to a little bit of unease…
  5. The creative Google homepage designs have made you smile, entertained you, and caused you to geek out for hours over the 15 years of Google’s existence.
  6. Integration with android brought Google and its wealth of apps to your pocket.
  7. Google Now’s voice search tool kicked Siri’s butt.
  8. Google News tells you quickly what important things are going on in the world, with a little more accuracy than Twitter.
  9. You’ve gained a powerful ally when it comes to censorship and government involvement in the Internet- Google has leveraged its might to fight for privacy and transparency.
  10. Launched after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Google’s missing person tool has helped many people to track down loved ones in the wake of a disaster.
  11. Google+ surfaced in 2011 and… took over Facebook’s audience? Well, maybe not, but it’s working on it.
  12. Google maps has saved you from late arrivals and using any real navigation skills for the better part of a decade.
  13. Just the possibility of Google Glass has led you to envision a cool technological future, no glasses necessary.
  14. Google has commenced research on autonomous car technology, and the driverless car is already being tested.
  15. The word “google” has not only become a verb, but one that you actually use. Often.

Thanks to our friends at Spectral FT for providing this article! Check out their thoughts on the next 15 years of Google here.