Modern Tools that Add Convenience, Character and Comfort to Your Kitchen

Are you tired of struggling to eke out the last bit of life from your kitchen appliances? Are you still using those handy-but-barely-working cooking tools since you left college? If your kitchen tools and appliances are in need of a makeover, you’re in luck. Not only do today’s kitchen accessories provide the convenience you want, they also add character and comfort to your cooking. And summer is a good time to get a good price on these tech-enhanced new kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen gadgets are a great way for enterprising designers to make their mark in product development circles. Everyone wants a fast, better, sleeker kitchen gadget, right? Well, that’s what product designers for kitchen gadgets set out to do. CNET recently highlighted some awesome new kitchen gadgets, including some new twists on mixers, juicers and graters.

While a gadget’s particular look and feel may matter more to young trendies, more of us are likely keen on a kitchen gadget’s overall value, including its convenience, character and comfort levels.


Sometimes there is nothing more rewarding than cooking a five-star meal in your own home. Other times, cooking is the last thing on your mind. To help keep your cooking convenient, and make every meal prep move along like a well-oiled machine, there are a few key modern appliances you should consider adding to your kitchen repertoire, which you can find at retailers like Macy’s:

  • The T-Fal OptiGrill allows you to grill to perfection any time of the year. Say goodbye to the days of longing for sunshine just to be able to barbeque in your backyard. The T-Fal OptiGrill allows you to cook inside and can help you elevate your cooking to Iron Chef level. Once you tell the OptiGrill what type of meat you’re preparing, it will tell you exactly how long you need to cook it. It even alerts you as your meat cooks. Whether you’re a fan of rare, medium, or well done, the OptiGrill cooks it to match your palate’s needs.
  • The Kuhn Rikon’s Push Pan is a luxury no baker should be without. How many cakes have you destroyed by trying to get them out of the pan in one piece? Long gone are the days of using frosting to “tape” your cake back together. Kuhn Rikon developed a non-stick push pan that allows you to pop your baked cake out of the pan with no mess, no breakage, and no frustration. It brings a whole new level of convenience to your kitchen.
  • Schmidt Brothers’ Carbon 6 knives help you slice through meat vegetables and anything else in your kitchen with ease—allowing you to stop laboring through every cut and keep your workouts in the gym, not your kitchen. The high carbon content in the Carbon 6 knives gives them a long-lasting sharpness and the sleek design makes for easy clean up.


From hand-carved spoons to custom cast iron, people everywhere are bringing a new feel to their kitchen with old tools. The lustrous shine of copper pots and pans can also add a unique flavor to your kitchen, while giving you long-lasting and dependable kitchen pieces. These traditional pieces add character to a tired kitchen and provide a quick makeover that also allows you to extend and express your personality throughout your entire home.

If tradition isn’t what you’re looking for in kitchen character, you could opt for color and make a bold statement in your kitchen. Whether it’s a mixer or a juicer, cooking pots or baking pans, dinnerware or other gadgets, you can add vibrant colors that spice up your kitchen décor.


The kitchen is a gathering place in almost every home in America. With so much activity in one room, it’s important the kitchen feels comfortable to everyone in it, especially the cook.

To put you at ease while making any meal — large or small — it’s important you have an organized kitchen. Sleek stainless steel containers, bamboo bread boxes, and metal roll-out drawers add a modern flair while also putting your mind at ease knowing everything is stored exactly where it needs to be.

What smothers you in comfort more than the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Invigorate your senses while calming your soul each morning knowing your trusted coffee or espresso maker is ready to brew your favorite flavor. Not only do these amazingly fast appliances bring a modern look to your kitchen, they also help make all your guests feel right at home.

Comfort also means having your go-to appliances at hand whenever you need them. Whether you love Panini sandwiches, quesadillas, or want to whip up a fondue dinner, having these small and convenient appliances in your kitchen can make a world of difference when time is of the essence and you want a quick and tasty meal.

Modern kitchen accessories, appliances, and tools can add the convenience, character, and comfort you need to make every meal a fun and enjoyable creation. Remember these tips as you give your kitchen a makeover and transform it into a room that draws you in.