5 Celebrity Comebacks for Lindsay Lohan to Model Her Life After

Can I please confess that I am rooting for Lindsay Lohan? Before you judge me too hard, people still support the Detroit Lions, right? Sometimes you just have to cheer for the underdog because you love them so much. LiLo was such a talent in her prime that I just hope against all odds that she will return to the forefront to deliver many more delightful films before opening a charming food truck in her early retirement. Shame on everyone who quotes Mean Girls without feeling even a twinge of remorse or disappointment when its star hits rehab again.

Lindsay’s in the spotlight again, thanks to an interview with the one and only Oprah Winfrey. During the interview, Lindsay said that she is excited to get back to working, and an interview with O is certainly the type of thing that Lindsay needs to propel her career forward. But I’ve been burned before. To help LiLo out, I’ve compiled a few of the most inspirational celebrity comebacks of all time for Lindsay Lohan to model her life after.

Robert Downey Jr.

This guy fought with substance abuse for half a decade and emerged as one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. RDJ still maintains a bad boy vibe thanks to his trouble past, but as he’s starting to develop laugh lines I think there are plenty of soccer moms who are thinking he wouldn’t be so bad to have around the house. That’s quite a comeback. So Lindsay, all you need to do is score a role as a kickbutt superhero and everyone will think you’re family friendly again no matter how sultry your smile remains.

Britney Spears

Amanda Bynes, you listen up too, because Britney shows you how to get it back when you have gone straight-up crazy. Britney got clean, released a couple of awesome albums, guest judged on X Factor, and started being a decent mom to her children. The message here: unleash your talents and people will forget how crazy you used to be. And a stint on American Idol or whatever wouldn’t hurt either.

Drew Barrymore

Does anyone even know that Drew battled substance abuse? No! And that’s because she’s made a career out of being a girl next door. This may take some serious magic on the part of Lindsay’s agent, but a couple of roles in romantic comedies might help people to see her as the sweet girl she once was. Does Nicholas Sparks have anything in the pipeline? I mean come on, Miley got one.


One of few celebrities taken less seriously than Lindsay Lohan, the jackass star turned his life around and is now a 4-years sober vegan who is involved with PETA. The only reason anyone knows this? He was on Dancing with the Stars. Dance Lindsay, dance.

Martha Stewart

Everyone thought Martha was done for when she went to jail a few years back. But she’s back in her throne as queen of the kitchen and its easy to forget her insider trading scandal. If someone who took as big of a fall as Martha can climb back after jail, then maybe Lindsay can do the same. Baking a few cupcakes for Hollywood execs would be a good start.