Job Search Tips to Help Get you Going

Even in the information age, it’s still very difficult to find the right job in the right location at the right time. Much of this is due to the information overload we get, but it’s easy to sort through all the clutter and find the right job with a little bit of helpful advice.

Search Specific

It’s easy to get lost in the that appeal to all industries and stretch to all corners of the earth. Narrow your search right from the start by only looking at sites in your industry or in your location. For example, if you know you only want to look for jobs in Michigan, than use a Michigan Job Search site to narrow it down automatically. Conversely, if you know biology is your niche, then look in biology career forums or search sites. Utilize website curated by trusted authors such as this one from Warner College to find positions relevant for you.

Stay Organized

As someone I don’t know once said, organization is the prerequisite of knowledge. That holds true with your job search and knowing what jobs are available and relevant for you. Everyone has their own methods for staying organized. I like to use Google Docs, so I have access to my documents from multiple devices and while on the go. Keep track of the people you’re contacting, links to pages about the company, the dates you’ve been in touch with them, and other minor details you don’t want to lose track of. Also, if you have multiple versions of your cover letter or resume, keep them in Google Docs. If anything, it’s a great way to back things up or have access to if you need to get them printed pronto.

Be Open To Other Options

The industry you may have worked in for the last 20 years may not be what you have to search for when looking for a new job. Things change and a position you may have held in the past may not be in hot demand like it used to be. Identify your skill sets, and determine what types of positions you are most suitable for. Being open to various industries will allow you to have more options and will introduce you to new areas that you may be interested in.


Applying is just half of what you should be doing when looking for jobs. Networking with others should be the second half. 73% of people say they got their first full time job by networking with others, and not by blindly applying to the company. Connect with others on social media sites like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and G+. Join a forum and interact with others that may be already active. Volunteer at events or help out others to help get your foot in the door.

Don’t Stress Out

It’s easy to lose faith or confidence during your job search. Unemployment is still high, and companies realize that there are quite a few great finds out in the unemployment pool waiting to be picked up that can make a great contribution to their company. Staying proactive and positive during the process will help you find a job right for you faster and get you on your way to a happier and more fulfilling career.

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