Octopus’s Garden

Take a minute and ask yourself- do you know what Ringo Starr is up to these days? Probably not. But, for probably the first time in decades, Ringo is making music news for not only one reason, but many.

First, the Beatles’ oddly named drummer is the star of a new exhibit at the Grammy Museum that opened just Wednesday. The exhibit, “Ringo: Peace & Love” features a collection of momentos that highlight Ringo’s rise to fame with The Beatles. The items from his musical and creative life include the drumset he used on the Ed Sullivan Show and an outfit belonging to the legendary “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” era. For any Beatles-lovers or Ringo-fans, the exhibit highlighting one of the band’s last two surviving members will be open until March 2014 at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

At the same time he is celebrating his career, Ringo is also looking to revive it. This time though, he plans to be a writer rather than a drummer. Ringo just released an e-book called Photograph, which includes photographs of The Beatles from his personal collection. The title is available exclusively from the Apple iBookstore and was released on Wednesday, the same day that the museum exhibit opened in LA. Photograph joins Ringo’s collection of books offering glimpses into the private lives of the band after he published Postcards from the Boys, a collection of postcards sent to Ringo from the other three Beatles, in 2004.

Mr. Starr is also currently working on a children’s book based on his famous Beatles song “Octopus’s Garden”. The picture book will include a CD with unreleased Ringo music and a voice recording of Starr himself reading the story. Ben Cory, illustrator of “Aliens Love Underpants” (really must pick that one up), will provide the drawings. Simon & Schuester will be publishing the book, and we can expect the hardcover edition to hit North America in January 2014. I just can’t wait.