Jake Gyllenhaal: What Makes Him Irresistible?

Jake Gyllenhaal is irresistible. It’s a non-disputable fact, proven by my scientific poll taken at the supermarket checkout line. 93% of female shoppers in the express lane said Jake is perfect. The only dissenting voice was a two-year-old who was crying for candy. Still, with age comes wisdom. Jake is the perfect male.

That Physique

That Jake is perfect is not based on opinion. Take a look at any picture of him in a tight t-shirt. Seriously, can you find a single flaw? I didn’t think so, which makes me wonder what Reese Witherspoon was thinking when she dumped him. Anyway, Jake is trim, muscular, and, bonus, a great actor. Brokeback Mountain is still one of my personal favorites, and since I first watched it, I haven’t been able to quit Jake.

Dating the A-Listers

We all know that Taylor Swift has a thing for a good-looking guy. She has dated most of them, but she probably had a bit of trouble letting go of Jake, who is a walking billboard for perfect looks. She may have ripped a hole in one of Jake’s tight tees while trying to keep him from leaving her. His looks and style are just that potent. He makes even the rich and famous weak at the knees. The rest of us, the average folk, end up in a full-on swoon. These fainting spells are inconvenient in the checkout line, so I try to look away from the tabloids to avoid melting at the pictures of Jake looking hot.

Family Man

Jake’s looks and talent aren’t the only irresistible things about him. He has an equally talented sister, Maggie, who has two children. Jake is a doting uncle to Ramona and Gloria, and this family man aspect of his is very attractive. Who doesn’t find a man who respects his family appealing? His relationship with his sister has always been a strong one, as they both navigate the difficult waters of fame and fortune.

He is smart, hot, and available, and those qualities make him impossible to resist. Unfortunately, the closest I can come to Jake is to write about him and buy packages of t-shirts for good looking men. That way, when I do meet him, I can ask him to try one on for me. Once he takes it off, I can head for home and mount it on my wall.

A girl has to dream….


This article was provided to World Stage by our friend and guest author Brionna Kennedy.  Apart from chasing Jake Gyllenhaal all over the internet, Brionna spends a great deal of time checking out and commenting on new fashions, especially those produced by Reem Clothing.

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