Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2013

The weather is heating up, and so are the must-have trends for summer 2013. If you’re looking in your closet with dismay at the shortage of fashionable things to wear, this list will give you a quick overview of what you should try on and wear out. No need to spend lots of money of a new wardrobe, as many of the hottest trends this year include classic colors and new takes on old pieces.

Geometrics/patterns-¬†Triangles, polka dots, florals, tribal patterns… the bolder, the better. Mix things up by wearing two different patterns in complementary colors at once. Adding unconventional shaped jewelry is a surefire way to get on everyone’s best dressed list this season.

Vintage– Lately, it seems that the influence of entertainment in the fashion world has never been better. For the last few years, the characters of Mad Men have been inspiring us to revive the 1960s with mod dresses, cinched waist dresses, crisp ironed blouses, and Mary Janes. Now, with the Brooks Brothers and Prada creating looks for the latest Great Gatsby film, the roaring twenties are sure to dance their way back into some looks. From razzle-dazzle frocks to flapper-inspired dresses, anything 1920s is fair game too.

Bright blues– Whether you’re wearing aqua shorts or an electric cobalt sundress, you’ll turn heads by adding vibrant blues to your wardrobe. If blue isn’t your best color, find pieces with small accents of blue in the detailing.

Monochrome– Go back to black this summer. That little black dress, though always in style, will be especially welcome in your wardrobe this season. Lighten things up a bit by adding white. Black and white together have never looked better. We like the idea of black high waist shorts with a chiffon blouse. Add some low black oxfords or patterned sandals to complete the look.

Jean– Keeping with the classic trend, jean jackets, blouses, and vests are all the rage right now. Rugged embellishments and ripped jeans fit the grunge look many celebrities are sporting.¬†Pair a jean button down with a floral black skirt and loose fitting geometric top for an outfit you’re friends will want to Instagram.