Applying Fake Eyelashes Like a Pro

Eyes are mostly the foremost thing that catches people’s attention; hence ensure that you have some wonderful fringes to flash around.

Anna Hathaway has often been spotted with spectacular eyelashes. Any women could easily impersonate her look by firstly allowing facial lotion in totally drying out prior to beautifying the eyes. In this manner, one would avert any smudges forming. Also using a light-weight compact on top of the under-eyes concealer product is advisable.

Now use the lash curling device for curving your innate ones by positioning it on the lashes as nearer to the root as doable sans nipping the skin. In a gentle manner clamping down and holding in position for a couple of seconds and then moving the curling device a little away & in a light manner pressing once more. This should be repeated 1-2 times on every instant one moves the curler. Those with fine eyelashes could use a primer coating to thicken them.

Now the band holding the fake eyelashes should be wiggled together amid duo fingers for softening it so that it would be curving better. In case it is quite straight & rigid then it would fail in properly sticking to the eyelids. If the fake eyelashes are broader as compared to the eyes then one of the sides could be trimmed one lash at a time. Optionally the individual fake lashes could be trimmed for creating a more innate look with emphasis on them appearing longer toward the outer eye rim. One should also ensure that there is hardly any space amid true eyelashes & the fake ones & length of the lashes must be varying to a slight extent.

Now squeezing some eyelash adhesive over the backside of your hand and running the eyelash over it. In case excess is placed then blowing on it for drying it to some extent for fifteen to thirty seconds to make it lesser drippy for application. Now the eyelid is to be held down using one of your hands & the fake eyelashes strip to be applied to the eyelashes base using the other hand. Optionally the fake eyelashes could be held using tweezers & brought as near to the innate lashes line as doable. Now one should be pressing in an even, gentle manner from end-to-end & holding it till the adhesive has dried up (thirty to sixty seconds or at times lesser based on the glue brand). Doing so would allow the adhesive in setting properly so that when finger tips are lifted from there, the fake eyelashes would stay fixed in right position.

Now, the look could be completed with duo coats of cream-consistency mascara for bonding the fake lashes on both eyes. The stick of the mascara is to be held at the base of the eyelashes and wiggling to a slight extent sideways & then brushing vertically upwards via the eyelashes tips. Allow drying for around 2 minutes time in-between. The mascara could be skipped in case one plans on re-using the fake eyelashes as it would be drying them out & making them clumpy in a couple of hours later.

Subsequent to using a coating of mascara, the upper section of the eyelashes must be brushed using lash comb for proffering a feather-like appearance. To prevent blotching, conclude with a coating of water-resistant formulation.

For added volume, gluing fake eyelashes flares to the outermost rim of both eyes, straight at the line of the eyelash.

To get that eye-catching appearance, the stick of the mascara must be held vertically & then swiped across the lower eyelashes, from corner-to-corner starting from the inner end. A popular choice is Hypnose Drama by Lancome costing around twenty-five dollars. Now, bat those lashes!