Jimmy Fallon Takes on First Lady in Let’s Move Fitness Challenge

“I am pretty much willing to make a complete fool out of myself to get our kids moving,” said Lady Obama in a recent speech pushing her program titled, “Let’s Move.” Little did she know, she would end up agreeing to act a bit silly at least with late night show host Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious yet motivational skit on the importance of exercise.

Upon hearing this quote from the First Lady, Fallon had this to say: “I make a fool of myself every night, so I decided to go down there and help the first lady out.” In the skit, Fallon is shown cautiously wandering inside of the White House and upon being asked for identification, holds up his NBC employers ID taped to a Damon Busters gift card. But of course, Mrs. Obama shows up saying, “He’s with me,” and then the fun begins.

The showdown events including the following grueling physical challenges:

The Stair Race

Lady Obama was keen to get a head start on this event!

Push ups

This was obviously Jimmy’s weakness as he definitely failed to impress, but the First Lady shows some true physical fitness!

Tug of war

Jimmy appears to struggle a bit here, but then we realize that Mrs. Obama was getting a little assistance…

Hula Hooping

The competition was pretty equal here, but the serious look on the First Lady’s face is priceless!


Again, Jimmy suffers a loss as Obama makes a dead eye shot at Fallon’s head and knocks him out for a bit.

The Potato Sack Race

Even though Jimmy claimed that this was “His Event”, the First Lady whips him good as he trips at the very end, giving Mrs. Obama a glorious victory. The music in the background couldn’t be better! You can watch the video here.

Not only did Fallon and the First Lady prove their point that exercise is essential, they also proved that you can have fun doing it. Fallon was incredibly excited to be at the White House and even said, “She was like, ‘Yeah, I know! This is the White House!’ She matched my excitement!”

Soon after, Mrs. Obama also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she also out did Ellen. In push ups, she out did her 25 to 20!