Top 3 Best-Dressed Women at the Grammys

If you happened to tune into the Grammys last night, you probably saw myriad stars in their dazzling, creative outfits. Although CBS banned certain types of wear, the celebs still were able to showcase their personalities while following the rules….well er, kinda, anyway (did you see J-Lo’s Leg?!). Yes, of course, some stars pushed the dress code (really, who cares), but they still looked fantastic.

Yes, I get that some people agreed with the rules, especially parents, but these days you see people baring it all across a number of mediums. I’m not saying it’s right, but I am saying the stars tried (and as we said before, a lot of these stars probably had their outfits picked out way ahead of time). And hey, if you want your kids to have real role models, tell them to read books and keep them off the Internet.

Anyway, here are my top 3 favorite outfits of the night:

1. Katy Perry

Say what you want about her/her outfit, but I thought she looked stunning last night. Yeah, she had a lot of cleav going on, but, she always does and come on, it isn’t THAT bad. It’s hard to fit all that in a small dress. Some thought mint green wasn’t her color, but I think it absolutely is. The long sleeves and floor length make up for the deep v-cut and helps keep it classy. If the dress covered everything, I just think it would look too grandma and boring. Now I want the same dress.

Katy Perry

2. Rihanna

Okay, although I’m not the biggest fan (I’ll admit she’s got some catchy tunes),  I loved the red dress she wore even though it looks like someone just sewed some red tulle together. It fits her figure well and went great with her skin color. And, the matching lipstick looked fantastic.


3. Carrie Underwood

Some thought her gown was too dark for her, but I loved it. It’s a nice change for her and it matches her makeup nicely. Yes, I’m a fan of black clothing in general, but everything about this dress is fantastic. The shape, the detail, the length, the color, etc. As much as I loved Katy Perry’s dress, this one is my top favorite (or at least, it ties for top favorite).

Carrie Underwood