Office Hierarchy: Who Really Has the Power in this Place, Anyway?

While we generally like to focus on fashion and celebrities, as you might’ve┬áseen previously, sometimes we like to focus more general lifestyle or workplace-oriented articles we find interesting. We’re big fans of infographics (and not so much fans of cubicles), so when a friend sent us this, we got a good laugh out of it. It’s a colorful depiction of job descriptions, office layout, and other interesting facts about employee/employer thoughts and behaviors.

So, what role do you fit into? Are you a cubicle lover or hater? Does this infographic provide a pretty accurate model of how corporate America (or even your small businesss) is constructed? How many cups of coffee do you drink daily? (Personally, my answer is too many).

We know it’s a bit small (we had to shrink it to fit it on the page), but a click will take you to the larger version (or you can right click and open the image in a new window/tab). If that’s hard for you to read, there’s an even bigger version here.

Office Hierarchy Infographic

The source of the graphic is Corporate Office Interiors, a Michigan supplier of used and new office furniture. Feel free to share it, but please give credit where it’s due!