Keyshia Cole and the Halftime Show: Not Impressed With Michelle

I don’t know about you all, but I enjoyed the Superbowl halftime show. As much as I like football, the game was just background noise to me as I did my Sunday cooking. As soon as the halftime show began, I shifted my attention from my food to the screen and turned up the volume. Beyonce strolled out as fierce as ever, and as the thought of get it girl was still fresh in my mind, out came Michelle and Kelly. Mind blown. I mean, it had been rumored, but I don’t often believe rumors until I get more concrete proof. I quick hopped on Twitter to see what others were saying. They were just as surprised (and excited).

Then again, I grew up listening to Destiny’s Child and was absolutely elated to see them together again. Beyonce did steal the show (well, really, it was hers to begin with), but I thought it was still a solid performance. Then, in comes Keyshia Cole. She praised Beyonce, but used the same sort of foul language to insult Michelle Williams. Talk about a double entendre. Anyway, a lot of people are thinking the same thing….really, Keyshia? I don’t know about you, but every time I hear her name, I think of her mom on Celebrity Rehab. I know that’s not Keyshia’s fault, but perhaps she shouldn’t tarnish others’ reputations when hers is so off. Plus, I’d like to see her perform at a Superbowl. He hasn’t always been perfect.

Michelle was professional about the whole thing…she stayed positive and tweeted about the fun she had. You go, girl. Regardless of what’s been said, Destiny’s Child album sales are up, way up. I hope they reunite again in the future.