Hollywood Stars That Needed To Stay In Rehab

Instances of Hollywood celebrities seeking help for alcoholism, drugs, prescription medication, and sex addiction have made big media headlines for a number of years. From Britney Spears to Mel Gibson and Demi Lovato, many different celebrities have had experiences in rehabilitation facilities.

Rehab has become a necessity for many people, as it often is the only way to treat severe addictions. While the average person may believe illegal drugs cause the most problems, the truth is legal drugs, such as prescription pain medications, can cause addictions every bit as deadly. In addition, many rehab situations involve recovery from personal traumas such as emotional distress and even eating disorders – many of which are at the core of a drug addiction.

Some celebrities choose to seek out drug rehab facilities located in private yet Utopian settings – such as was the case with Tiger Woods, who received treatment in Arizona. In fact, psychotherapists and drug counselors often recommend addicts remove themselves as far away as possible from people and settings that can trigger their addictions and encourage relapse.  Arizona is a popular rehab location choice for famous people due to its wide open spaces, tranquil surroundings, and privacy. The weather always is pleasant in Arizona and there are many options for safe recreation and other activities without the typical distractions of Hollywood. In other words, since it is so far removed, there is little chance of bad influences having access to people who have come from the Los Angeles area.

For celebrities who manage to successfully complete treatment, the right type of life must be maintained so they are able to stay the course. For example, celebrities such as Robert Downey, Jr. have devoted themselves to a lifelong commitment of sobriety in order to stay clear of addiction.

As evidenced by the television show Celebrity Rehab, there still is, and probably always will be, a steady string of the rich and famous who continue to need rehab services. Facilities far away from the Los Angeles area are ideal for Hollywood celebrities who are serious about ending their addictions for good. For this reason, actors like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan could do well to choose an Ascend Recovery facility to finally end their addiction troubles.


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