Celebrity Rehab and Country Star Mindy McCready’s Allegedly Commits Suicide

Oh, how this saddens me. Suicides always get me teary-eyed, especially when addiction is a factor. Addiction truly is a disease and it takes such a strong hold on people and affects not just the addicts, but their friends and family. Yesterday, the news broke that Mindy McCready, country star and former Celebrity Rehab participant, died of a gunshot wound, apparently self-inflicted.

One of the popular topics related to this event is how Mindy is the 5th Celebrity Rehab star to die. What’s worse, people are criticizing Dr. Drew and some are even blaming the show. Admittedly, I am a Dr. Drew fan. I have a read some of his books, watched almost every episode of his rehab show, and consistently followed him on the news. Although he is called a “TV doctor” quite a bit, he has the credentials. Furthermore, he is a very intelligent and caring man. If you’ve ever read a book of his (especially Cracked), you probably have picked this up. He’s not a narcissist, he’s extremely empathetic, and he started Celebrity Rehab to show the dark side of addiction (including how celebrities are affected), not to make money off of other people’s pain. Unfortunately it was on VH1, and that gives it a bad reputation. Just watch his video in the link posted above.

Anyway, Dr. Drew is not at fault for the addictions of these individuals, especially because he tried to help them. Many of the individuals were (and are) on such a fast-moving downward spiral, their lives were bound to end early and grimly. As celebrities, they typically have more money, more problems with narcissism/emotional trauma/instant gratification, and easier access to both drugs and enablers. TV show or not, things were not looking good.

In the case of Mindy, she was on the show 5 years ago. Her boyfriend committed suicide last month. She had checked into a rehab facility, but left because she was embarrassed due to the stigma of mental illness, which is very distressing. She leaves behind two young sons. The whole store is just so incredibly sad. R.I.P.