Celebrities Who Wear Vintage Fashion

In recent years the popularity of vintage fashion has increased tremendously, and it’s largely thanks to high-profile celebrities being seen in vintage pieces.

Usually haute couture (one-of-a-kind with exquisite construction) vintage fashion is in demand because it is rare and any look created using a vintage piece is a sure-fire way to create an ensemble that ensures its wearer stands out from the crowd.

The beauty of vintage is that there is a look for everyone, from any decade, regardless of your personal style.

The Bohemian

A lifelong devotee of all things vintage, celebrity stylist and fashion designer Rachel Zoe’s boho style – paying homage to the hippie of the 70’s – is always accentuated by unique pieces such as her vintage Chanel blazers and jackets.

Vintage Chanel is all about the classic couture styles like double-breasted wool jackets, fringed cuffs, hand-finished sleeve vents, beautiful trims and of course the inimitable craftsmanship that comes with any Chanel garment.

Rachel is also known for her extensive collection of vintage accessories which include items like vintage sunnies, striking jewelry from fashion houses like Lanvin, and a black vintage Dior turban that guarantees to turn any outfit into a statement-making ensemble. The key to Rachel’s style is to mix vintage pieces with contemporary ones so that her look is always modern and updated.

The Eccentric

Chloe Sevigny is known for being fearless when it comes to her fashion choices and absolutely swears by vintage fashion. Having a style that features vintage, indie pieces at its core is what gives Chloe an edgy vibe. She’s been known to shop at vintage stores, paying only a few dollars for some of her clothes and accessories.

Never mistaken for trying too hard to be sexy, Chloe wears Chanel jumpsuits with vintage gloves, Fendi coat dresses, or even Miu Miu dresses with her bra showing. Her grungy, eclectic look is characterized by the vintage fashion she has been seen in, including Yves Saint Laurent 60’s shift dresses and couture gowns which is one of her go-to labels for red carpet appearances alongside Lanvin.

Being apologetically adventurous and unorthodox when it comes to fashion is what allows Chloe to stand out, whether throwing on vintage dungarees or walking the red carpet in an Alexander McQueen gown teamed with pre-loved shoes or clutch.

The Adorable

Looking like she just stepped out of the 1950’s, actress Zooey Deschanel is the new sweetheart of American TV, with her role in ‘New Girl’ throwing her into the limelight. Her huge blue eyes and dark hair combined with a love of vintage clothing that is an interesting blend of girly and somewhat dorky, Zooey’s look has a retro feel complete with bows, ribbons and a pastel colour palette.

A fan of ‘Modcloth’ and French designer Courreges whose boxy dresses were geometric and simple, Zooey chooses playful silhouettes that compliment her figure, coloring and personality.

Vintage Fashion Summary

As these celebrities show, vintage fashion is easy to embrace and work with your own style. Mixing styles from various eras makes for an interesting outfit and definitely ensures that it is a one-off, unique look.



This piece was written by guest contributor Ameli of the vintage clothing website Nordic Poetry. If you want to discover more vintage fashion tips view her blog.