Celebrities Who Have Shed Serious Weight

The craze of scrutinizing the looks of every celebrity in the public eye shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. One of the perils of fame is that everybody wants to know what you’re doing and how you’re looking, and that means extra pressure on celebrities to look their very best all of the time. In some instances, celebrities are better known for their curvaceous frames, and with that comes the pressure of being a role model for children and young people who are impressionable and who look upon these kinds of celebrities to show them that it is normal to be the way they are. Not everybody can be a size zero, after all.

In keeping with the celebrity weight issue, we’ve compiled a list of celebrities who have shed serious poundage, either for film roles, post-baby pounds, and vigorous exercise regimes or just from partying too hard. Some are great examples of eating healthily, some are shocking. But all of them are real.

Christian Bale for The Machinist

It’s hard to believe that Batman once lost 63 pounds in order to play a man who hadn’t slept for a year. The 2004 film ‘The Machinist’ came just a year before Bale played The Dark Knight in ‘Batman Begins’ and the difference between the actor in both films is night and day. It simply looks like a different person. Bale survived on exercise, apples, cans of tuna and black coffee for the role, and brought a new meaning to the term “suffering for your art”.

Jennifer Hudson for Winnie

When Jennifer Hudson won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for ‘Dreamgirls’ in 2006, she weighed 56 pounds more than she did for this 2011’s ‘Winnie’, the story of Nelson Mandela’s famous wife. Hitting the gym hard to get to a target weight in order to fit into the character, Hudson has since kept the weight off and looks fantastic, still keeping her curves but looking strong and healthy at the weight.

Ethan Suplee

If there is anybody out there carrying a lot of weight and feels like they need somebody as a role model to motivate them to get fit and healthy, they need look no further than My Name is Earl star Ethan Suplee. Known for being the cuddly brother of Earl in the hit comedy show that ran from 2005-09, Suplee then went on a bicycle-led health spree that led to the actor losing over 200 pounds before making a public appearance in 2011 and shocking the world with his new fit and healthy physique. Try watching Suplee in American History X now without thinking: “How is that the same person?”

Jonah Hill

Just like comedic actors like John Belushi, Chris Farley and Jack Black before him, Jonah Hill’s roly-poly frame is the source of a lot of his comedy, but after signing on to star as an undercover cop in 2011’s comedy ’21 Jump Street’, Hill lost over 40 pounds, and the transformation between films ‘Moneyball’ and Jump Street is pretty startling. With an Oscar nomination in the bag for ‘Moneyball’, it seems that more serious roles are on the horizon, which will probably prompt Hill into keeping the weight off for the future.

Jessica Simpson

Actress and singer Jessica Simpson is – like Jennifer Hudson – a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, and she got the gig after losing 50 pounds through the diet plan and through regular workouts. Simpson has admitted to struggling with her weight in the past, but when she gave birth to her daughter in May 2012 weighing 170 pounds, she went into action to lose the baby weight. The results should give anybody who has just given birth or has found losing weight a little difficult in the past some extra encouragement, and Jessica Simpson has stated that she lost a lot of weight just by walking a set amount of steps per day to keep activity and healthy.

It just goes to show that celebrities can suffer for their art, get fit and healthy but also show a more natural side by admitting that they too can struggle with their weight. It’s a sign to all of us that regular exercise and eating healthy food is important to all of us, no matter the level of fame.


This post provided by one of our trusted guest writers.