Present-Day Silliness: On Technology

A lot of reactions are automatic. However, do you ever take a moment to look back and analyze your actions and thought patterns? If you’re an internet native like I am and have engaged in this activity, you’ve probably found yourself questioning your own behavior and chastising yourself for how silly you’ve been. Seriously.

What do I mean? Well first off, isn’t it crazy the way communication has changed, even in the past 10 years? These days young people cultivate friendships through social networks, text messages, and Instagram. Talking on the phone? Meh, doesn’t really happen. I don’t know if it’s that people like the feeling of control they get through conversations where immediate responses are required, or if they just like the disconnected sorts of communication where the pressure is off. Either way, how we interpret and judge friendships has changed.

For example, you’re talking to someone you’re interested in. Are you friends on Facebook? Do they follow you on Instagram or Twitter? Do they like your photos and comment on your items? I know I’m not the only one who has uploaded a snappy photo only to have the object of my affection ignore it (and by ignore it I mean not like it or acknowledge it).  Silly, right? Or what about the mild irritation that arises when that same girl comments on all of my crush’s photos. What about when the person you’re talking to doesn’t return your text within a timely manner, or at all? When you really stop and think about it, that’s when the feeling of ridiculousness sets in. That girl liked a photo. She clicked a button. And perhaps that attractive person was, you know, busy. Maybe he has hobbies and doesn’t spend every 10 seconds looking at his phone. The “immediate gratification” that comes with technology is warping our brains.

And, nothing really is private anymore. You can see what your friends/significant others/etc. like. You can creep on the people you’re interested in and know a lot about them before you even meet. How does that change the way relationships are built? On one hand, you feel like a creep for knowing things on their profile, but on the other, you now have things to talk about.

It’s kind of scary, in a way. I mean, you can drive yourself crazy thinking about these ideas. And, there’s a chance the other person might be thinking the same things you are. I think it helps to not underestimate your own value. Keep some things private. Even if the temptation is there, don’t always give in to it. And, for goodness sake, quit caring about likes on a photo. Go have coffee with someone and put your phone away.