Celebrities that Wrote Children’s Books

Children’s authors pop up in the most unexpected places. Here’s a few shocking celebs that have put together their masterpieces for children.

Ian Fleming

Famous For: The creator of the most famous spy any of us have ever known: Bond, James Bond.  A non-heroic hero, womanizer, and hard player with refined tastes for martinis and fancy hotels, Bond is  Fleming’s most famous character, and a cultural figurehead in recent British history.
Why is he on this list? As well as books on international espionage, Fleming also wrote the much loved children’s novel Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car. The book was written for Fleming’s son, Casper, and was made into a hugely successful film in 1968.


Famous For: With a list of musical hits, critically acclaimed albums and groundbreaking music videos, Madonna was recently named the most famous celebrity of the decade. She’s also known for controversy, having often used sex and religious imagery in her work.
Why is she on this list? These days, among other things, Madonna writes children’s books. In 2003, Callaway Arts and Entertainment published English Roses; an instant success. Combined, Madonna’s first three children’s books have sold over one and a half million copies worldwide

Brothers Grimm

Famous For: Often credited with the creation of our most loved fairy tales.
Why are they on this list? In fact, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were academics who collected folk tales from peasants living in rural Germany, mostly for scholarly reasons. They later published a collection of the tales for children, but were then widely criticised because many of the stories were considered unsuitable for young eyes.

Anthony Burgess

Famous For: Burgess is most widely known as the author of The Clockwork Orange, a dystopian satire with scenes of great violence.
Why is he on this list? As well as penning The Clockwork Orange, Burgess is also credited with these two children’s books, The Land Where the Ice Cream Grows and A Long Trip To Tea Time.

Prince of Wales

Famous For: Being the Prince of Wales!
Why is he on this list? Published in 1980, The Old Man of Lochnagar is based on a story that Prince Charles told to his brothers when they were young. The BBC later turned the book into animated short film starring Robbie Coltrane and narrated by Prince Charles himself!

Jerry Seinfeld

Famous For: An American comedian best known for his semi-fictional TV show ‘Seinfeld’. More recently, he’s moved into the world of film, co-writing, co-producing and starring in Bee Movie.
Why is he on this list? As well as writing the bestseller Seinlanguage, Jerry Seinfeld has written just one children’s book- Halloween, a semi-autobiographical reminiscence of the Halloween of yesteryear.

Salman Rushdie

Famous For: Most famous for his controversial novel The Satanic Verses. The furor around the perceived anti-Islam subject of the book led to the issuing of a fatwa and the need for Rushdie to live in hiding for several years.
Why is he on this list? As well as writing highly complex and fantastical novels about, among other things, India and Islam, Rushdie’s talent also extends to children’s books. Haroun and the Sea of Stories is a warning about the dangers of story-telling. It won the Writers’ Guild Award (Best Children’s Book), was later adapted, by Rushdie, for the stage.

John “Junior” Gotti

Famous For: Son of the infamous New York mobster John Gotti, “Junior” is in the news a lot at the moment, as a jury fails for the fourth time in a row to make a conviction stick. Just today, it looks like the jury’s given up on a fifth trial.
Why is he on this list? While in prison, John “Junior” Gotti is meant to have written a children’s book, although there’s very little information available. It’s called The Children of Shaolin Forest.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Famous For: American actress famous for her roles in the movies Halloween, The Fog, A Fish Called Wanda and True Lies.
Why is she on this list? As well as succeeding on the silver screen, Curtis is one of the celebrities with the most real critical acclaim for her children’s books. All published by HaperCollins, titles include Is there really a human race?,Big Words for Little People and Tell Me Again About The Night I was Born.

Ricky Gervais

Famous For: A hugely popular British comedian most famed for his creation and appearance in the reality sitcom The Office. Since then, Gervais has gone on to star in Hollywood movies, as well as franchising The Office for an American version.
Why is he on this list? Gervais is also the creator of the children’s and adult’s book series, Flanimals. The first book contained 35 different characters- all flanimals from an imaginary world. The series is currently being made into a feature film.