Catfish: The Jerk Files

Despite all the lies and deception that have trademarked the Catfish television series, last night’s episode was the first time I honestly thought one of the people involved was a real jerk. Let me recap really quickly – Rod was a gentleman who met a woman named Ebony on a gay dating website. Ebony told him she was transgender, living life as a female. This isn’t the first time the issue of transgender has appeared in Catfish and in the first instance there was a happy ending, so I was curious to see where things went.

*spoiler alert*

Fast-forward to the point where they meet. Ebony really wasn’t transgender, she was a real woman.

  • Surprise 1: She had always been a lesbian.
  • Surprise 2: Rob seemed disappointed.

However, Ebony said she loved Rob and wanted to be with him, and Rob said he forgave her (pretty lame considering he lied about his name and sent Ebony pictures of his cousin instead of himself).

Anyway, here comes the jerk moment: when Rob was riding in the car with Nev and the camera guy (sans Ebony), he said he only continued with the online relationship because she sent him money and paid his phone bill, otherwise he wouldn’t have kept talking to her. I was so angry! Total tool/deadbeat/male gold digger alert. How twisted do your morals have to be to feel okay with taking advantage of a self-sufficient woman?

I guess there are people who will say “you can’t blame him,” and “she should have known better,” but still. She had strong feelings for him and needed a friend…it’s just awful. This tweet sums it up pretty nicely:

Twitter Catfish

They continued being friends after the show, but why even bother? Ebony went back to being a lesbian and started dating a woman. You go, girl. I hope you find true love.

For all you ladies out there, here’s an article on ways to tell your man might be a gold digger. And, for more short info on this episode, a video can be found here.