Catfish Confusion: Uh, What?

What soothes my case of the Mondays? Knowing Catfish airs, of course.  I always wonder if the mystery person will ever be who they say they’re going to be, or if they always will turn out to be phonies.  Last night’s episode was, well…interesting. I suppose they always are in one way or another, but I was quite entertained by the story. Apparently plenty of other people are as well, as Catfish ratings are up and I’ve heard they’re casting for Season 2.

It was the first episode featuring two gay men (and I like that the show represents all different types of couples). Rico had been talking to Ja”Mari, a model, for years. He finally wanted to meet Ja’Mari in real life because his mom, who lives in the UK, was quite ill and he was debating moving back there. But, if there was a chance for love, he didn’t want to miss out.

So, they meet. Surprisingly, Ja’Mari is who he says he is – in appearance, at least. He was indeed the man in the photos. But, he wasn’t a model. And his name wasn’t Ja’Mari, it was James. He didn’t drive a Mercedes.

Even better, he had spend two years in jail for impersonating a bus driver. He said he was a scapegoat and the charges were dropped, but he had been accused of putting on a bus driver’s uniform, stealing three buses, and driving their routes. I’m not sure that stories get much more bizarre than that. Even further, he got his bus driving certificate in jail and now he drives buses.

Remarkably, Rico looks past that and they decide to work on their relationship now that the truth is out. That’s sweet and all, but I just can’t get over the whole bus driver thing and how insane the story is. Who does that? How do you get framed for something like that? How can you get a certificate to drive a bus when you’re in jail for stealing one?

Here are some of my favorite tweets about last night’s show:


Catfish Confusion: Uh, What?

Our favorite tweets about last night’s episode.

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#Catfish…. there’s a lot of those out there… BewareJoodyLovesYou
Oh by the way, I’m not an international model, I’m a bus driver… But wait. I’ve been arrested for stealing a bus and driving it.. #CatfishEmily Rose
"My name is James & I’m not a model, I’m a bus driver… see the thing is, is I have a checking account and I have a savings account" #catfishCarson Tinker
To Everyone Riding the Bus to School this Morning,Watch out for James #catfishDominique Butts
#Catfish I still can’t get over how people feel that they can be in a relationship with someone they don’t see or ever met..SMH!!!!Elizabeth Coleman
So meanwhile Rico mama has been left fo dead in England, while James and Rico speed out on a stolen bus O_o #CatfishJuan Low
My bus driver this morning is mad cute. Unfortunately for him I watched #Catfish yesterday lolJohnny Rousseau

Can’t wait for next week’s episode.