3 Simple Tips to Recognize Employee Success

To ensure and encourage a productive, enthusiastic and innovative organizational climate, companies must find ways to recognize employee triumphs. Consequently, employees will look to repeat those recognized behaviors or outcomes, thereby increasing the likelihood of continued organizational success. Employee appreciation builds confidence, as it confirms or reaffirms the employee’s ability to make praiseworthy contributions.

Employee recognition techniques can vary. However, the ultimate goal is the same: To show appreciation to personnel who contribute to the success of the organization.

1. Increase Responsibility

Increasing responsibility is an effectual measure that not only symbolizes trust, respect and confidence in one’s ability, but also helps with employee development. However, employers should not offer tedious, uninteresting work. Instead, assign employees tasks of their interest that may have immediate or long-term influence. For example, invite them to an executive conference or provide executive mentoring. Companies can foster an environment that promotes sharing ideas on matters normally reserved for senior-level staff.

Alternatively, an employer may want to design special projects that do not fall under a specific job description or department. Employers must recall that most employees seek upward mobility, so employment stagnation is not appealing.

2. Allow Independence and Delegate Authority

Employees value environments that offer autonomy, not micromanagement. Therefore, a good way to recognize employees is to give them ownership of their existing or new responsibilities. Give them adequate independence to fulfill their tasks. Effective employees will appreciate this gesture, and superiors will appreciate the reduced workload. Delegating true authority means superiors must agree to provide the necessary resources and to give clear expectations needed for the employees to succeed. Independent employees tend to experience less stress because their bosses do not hover over them, nurturing a favorable boss-employee relationship.

3. Organize Celebrations

Recognition can involve fun and whimsical activities, too. As a means to unwind, employers can organize a party to recognize workers. Specific milestones, such as anniversaries, engagements and weddings, provide an excellent opportunity to celebrate and most important, to say thank you for a work done well. An important reminder is that outstanding work is not a precursor to recognition. O.C. Tanner believes that “Recognition is not a response to great work. It is the cause of it.”

Acts of gratitude require authenticity. Workers can discern a glib thanks or a lack of interest. For instance, an employer can surprise workers with a week pass to work from home or a trip to a favorite destination. Such displays suggest to employees that their employers know them and listen to them.

Ultimately, businesses should always look to empower, excite and acknowledge staff.


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