The Voice is Winding Down

That’s right folks, The Voice is in its final stretch. I’m excited to tune in tonight and tomorrow – apparently there’s supposed to be some sort of surprise? Who knows what that will be. The competition is now between Team Cee Lo and Team Blake. Christina said she thinks Blake has the better team, but I’m not so sure. Nicholas and Trevin are phenomenal. I do like Terry a lot, and Cassadee is very good, she’s just not my favorite. It would be neat if Nicholas or Terry won, but I just can’t get over my love for Trevin.

I was extremely surprised Amanda Brown got voted off. She’s had songs that aren’t perfect (and no one is perfect), but she’s such an incredible, versatile singer. I was glad to read she is planning on making her own music in the future. Also, as much as I love Melanie, I wasn’t surprised to see her go home. I hope she makes her own music or covers songs that are more akin to her style (seriously why did she never sing Lana Del Rey?!). Poor (now nonexistent) Team Adam.

I think the fact that half of the remaining contestants are Cee Lo’s is a testament to how good of a coach he is. He was the only one who turned around for a few of the singers that made it a long way. He’s so kooky at times (seriously was he on something last week?), but he’s got a big heart and seems to know good voices/souls when he hears them. He just farts a lot, apparently (I can’t say I’m surprised).

I can barely wait to tune in tonight – it should be a great show. I can’t believe the season is almost over and Christmas is only a couple weeks away! Time sure has flown.