Holy Moly Walking Dead!

I KNEW there would be a crazy cliffhanger at the end! I KNEW it! What. An. Episode.

First off, I knew something would happen to turn Merle against the Governor. So now him and Darryl and reunited (kind of) and I’ll bet they will end up escaping once the series continues. I don’t think the Gov will kill them right away and instead force them to be prisoners (the preview hinted at it, too). It also seems that Laura is finally getting what a creep the Gov is and now that she’s seen her friends, hopefully she will help them out. The preview showed Darryl running with a crossbow, so things look promising there.

I really wish Michonne would have lopped the Gov’s head off, but we can’t be that lucky. I am so happy she took a stab at him like I predicted. However, I was practically screaming at my TV for her to speak to Laura and Rick more! She stays quiet and I’m thinking – tell Laura he sent Merle to kill you! Tell her about the kidnapping! Good grief. Maybe Laura will end up taking the Gov out or he will go even crazier and the city will turn against him. It looked like he’ll have a bit of a two-face going on from now on, but he deserves it. Creep.

The new group in the prison will probably end up joining them. Carl still annoys me, but whatever. He’s not as bad, and I suppose him trying to be like his dad really is good acting. Hopefully Merle can forgive them all – I mean, he would definitely be a good asset. Maybe he will go face to face with the Gov.

I haven’t read the comic series, but I’ve read a bit about it online, and it seems the episodes are pretty close to it. I’m wondering how many seasons the series will go on and where the story will end. I can’t wait until the series returns in February.