D is for Decorations

Last year at about this time, my 17-year-old brother and I (with whom I share a room until I have enough money to actually leave this place, i.e when I eventually find a job) set up Christmas lights around our room. We had a ridiculous ceremony involving Aaron Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man (NOT Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s version) which we found funny but just worried my parents. We probably should’ve been out doing something worthwhile like say having a life but we chose to decorate.

The lights are still hanging up in the same position (though apparently they stopped working about a month ago). Yes, that’s right. They became more than just Christmas decorations. They became part of the furniture. Hence, we now don’t really associate lights with Christmas.

Anyway, on to the decorations…

Decorations are of course a must have part of the festive period (or holiday season or whatever I’m supposed to call it now). They brighten our bleak winter streets and warm our cold December homes. Of course, these days everyone has fancier and crazier decorations than everyone else (can we say Griswolds?) and it all gets a little out of hand but even the simplest of trees can have the desired Christmas effect.

I remember when I was little, my sister and I would play with the different Santa and snowmen decorations which adorned the tree. We’d create little bits of the tree where they lived and have them visit each other. I can’t remember much else about that other than it being something where we imagined that every Santa house needed a coloured light. That was back before my parents would buy chocolates for the tree which I presume would have made for a more than adequate meal for Santa and co.

Sadly, we’d outgrown playing with the tree by that point (a strange sentence, I know) but nonetheless I still look at Christmas trees and wonder what became of those characters who once occupied them. These days I think my mom is most most intrigued by the tree’s contents – with Alabama football at the top once again, she’s obsessed with the little cartoonish Alabama ornaments. At least I know what to get her for Christmas.