And the Winner of The Voice is…

…well, we don’t know yet. I was very disappointed when Trevin got voted off last week, but I expected it. Luckily he’s still young and has lots of room to grow – I know he will be unstoppable. I also hope he takes Christina up on her offer. I was glad to read he’s destined to win a Grammy and I can’t wait for what he comes up with next.

Anyway, to the top 3.


I juggle between Nicholas and Terry when it comes to picking my favorite. Terry has such great talent and his performances are so effortless but amazing! He has a great, clear voice and he made an amazing comeback after a rocky start to one of his songs. I may be somewhat biased because I love the 80s, but Terry definitely has grown on me. I hope he covers more Aerosmith in the future.


Nicholas is so unique and hilarious. I loved his outfits and performances (I mean, his piano was on FIRE) and I think he’s so wonderful. Unfortunately I think his weirdness might drive away some votes, but he’s made it so far in the competition there’s no reason to believe he couldn’t win the entire thing. He’s such a sweet family man and I respect him an awful lot. Plus, Team Cee Lo needs a win.


I think Cassadee has a beautiful voice and some of her performances do hit that emotional chord in my brain, I can’t help but feel that someone else should be given a chance for the top prize. Why, you say? Well, she already has musical experience and success with her old band Hey Monday. Everyone knows she’s good, but I would rather see Nicholas or Terry win.

Oh and on another note – I had no idea it was Adam Levine in the Axl Rose costume! I am forever a fan of GNR and Axl, so when I saw that I thought to myself, “Who is that wannabe?” Now I know, but….interesting. Maybe Adam is a big fan of Axl as well.