A Few Post Christmas Favorites

Christmas is now over, but I’m still on vacation in England, and I’ve got a bit of time to have some fun before the crazy 2013 year starts up and I have to go back home. Here’s what I will be doing.

Fru-Fru Cupcakes

I spent a lot of time regrouping last week what with Per Una champagne and cupcakes, my various hairdressers and my new nail varnish of the week Regent Street Lights (metallic gold nail from Nails Inc). So I was verryy happy when the regrouping arrived on my desk in the shape of this beautiful black cardboard box (left) with these equally beautiful Christmas cupcakes from Fru Fru. Freshly baked and delivered the same day. www.frufru.co.uk

Sharai’s Handbags

The entire world and their oysters were out on the town on Thursday night what with the Asprey’s party, Bentley’s bash and various officeshennanigans going on. I got whiplash from the whirlwind that was Mayfair on Thursday night. Bond Street was like a train station, Pall Mall a bus terminal. I decided to extricate myself from Fashionland and head off to private member’s club George to join NFF’s and wolf down two plates of mini hamburgers and even minnier French fries (so chic non?). But fashion found me deep in the dens of the private members club in the shape of Sharai and her beautiful handbags…if you read my pages in the Daily Mail next year you will find more of this new talent….this is just a sneak preview of things to come. At least something good came out of a night which saw me waIting for 45 minutes for a taxi that never came and thus another 30 minutes for the Bus 10 …yes I took the bus home…in my 120mm Christian Louboutins.

Organic Chestnuts from Waitrose

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? A Christmas myth and fairy tale I tell you. My chestnuts exploded in the oven. My chestnuts even exploded out of the oven. That’s because I was gossiping so much with my friend I forgot about my chestnuts. I was telling her that Monday nights between 8 – 8:30pm are the golden half hour at Waitrose on High Street Kensington. I wondered why on any given Monday night everyone was smiling at me in every aisle. It’s because it’s the only time when men shop! Single men. How do I know they are single? Easy. Well made shoes, beautifully tailored suit, good watch? No. It’s what goes into the shopping basket: Poilaine bread; Haagen Dazs ice cream; cheese from the cheese counter not the fridges; freshly cut slices of not one but at least three or four various types of Serrano, Parma and you name it hams; little expensive bags of honey roasted nuts; no vegetables unless some sort of pickled foreign variety;slabs of Lindt plain extra dark chocolate, 70% to be precise….and always smiling…flirtatiously. The chestnuts were delicious.