The Walking Dead Updates

Walking Dead TimelineOkay, so I’ll try not to include any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen last night’s episode. As the icon for this article embodies, The Walking Dead has my attention at the beginning, loses me a little in the middle, and ends with an insane cliffhanger that causes me to essentially stalk the AMC website for clips of next week’s episode. Yes, I am a little obsessed.

I am happy with the season so far. It has had its share of sadness, violence, and other assorted drama. It’s introduced new and interesting characters and gotten rid of some. When Lori died/was killed I was practically in hysterics. I don’t think I’ve cried so much at a TV show since I watched that episode of the X-Files, The Field Where I Died, that mimicked Jonestown (okay, I know, but cults creep me out and are incredibly sad to me and that episode also dealt with soulmates and all that). Anyway, as long as they don’t kill of Daryl I think I will be okay. His role in The Boondock Saint was the catalyst for my crush, but there’s something about seeing him all rugged and dirty in TWD that just gets me. Cue my heart eyes.

The Governor is an interesting guy. I wish they could send the cast of Criminal Minds to do a profile on him. I think the actor plays his part quite well. And, leave it to Andrea to go for The Governor. I mean, Shane was icky but I guess I can’t blame her with this new man…he’s got that “mysterious bad boy” vibe that women dig (some on, we can’t help it). He is a dad though and she needs to stop going for dads, though I guess if you survive the apocalypse you don’t get very many choices. Plus the dude seems like a scumbag – no good. I suppose we will see where that goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up trying to kill her so he can put her head in a tank.

I’m looking forward to Sunday’s episode and the reunion of Daryl/Merle (because you know it’s coming). The clash of Rick and The Governor should also be interesting. I hope Michonne survives – the faces she makes are hilarious (she needs a Tumblr if there already isn’t one), but she’s become my favorite character. I hope she beheads The Governor and puts it in a jar. Until next time!