The Walking Dead: The Finale is Near

Nothing keeps me on the edge of my seat quite like The Walking Dead does. Last night’s episode had me so anxious! If you haven’t seen it yet, I wouldn’t read on unless you’re in the mood for spoilers. Can’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’m glad Rick seems to be back to normal. After I bawled a couple episodes ago and had the lingering sadness during last week’s episode, this one lifted my spirits. His leadership and strength are A-OK. I’m glad Michonne met up with them, but I do wish she would open up a little! I know her character is supposed to be tough, but the crew doesn’t really trust her. That, and I hoped she would mention something about Merle.

On that topic, who knows what Merle will do! Will he stay on The Governor’s side once Darryl shows up? He obviously hates Rick, but Darryl and the rest of the crew are completely loyal to him. Plus, how can Darryl side with Merle if he finds out what he did to Glenn. It’s pretty obvious he will learn the truth, but who knows what Merle’s plans are. I think Merle was really hurt and is lashing out because of anger – who knows if there’s good in him. Maybe The Governor will try to kill Darryl and Merle will turn against the Gov. So many┬ápossibilities!

The Governor is a sadistic, sick man. I think we all knew that, but this episode put him over the top. He’s put on his facade for Andrea but I only hope she sees a glimpse of the real him, and soon. I was glad Michonne said he was the “Jim Jones” type – I talked about Jonestown in my last post. The Governor is on such a mission to wipe out any other group of humans, even if they aren’t threatening. I just don’t get it. What a creep. I still hope Michonne beheads him. I can’t wait to see what happens next week, but I have a feeling the season will end with a lot of unanswered questions.