Interview Tips From Interviewers

An interesting article appeared recently which talked about how interviewees are ill-prepared for interviewers, according to employers. The article highlighted some interesting statistics produced after a survey was carried out by Hays Ireland recruitment in order to find out what had tactics had changed for job hunters, if any. The results were a bit thought provoking. While 58% of job hunters are saying they put more time into interview preparation, only 16% of employers are seeing the improvement. So, is the extra work just not showing, are people doing their prep wrong, or are they just lying on the survey?

One big thing that struck me particularly was that 62% of job seekers don’t tailor their CV for each job. Maybe its just me and my own background, but I always tailor my CV for each job that I’m applying for. This to me is a big no no, as no two job specifications are going to be the same. I would encourage everyone to carefully read the job spec and then go through your CV, line by line if necessary, and make any changes that will make you a target for this job. It could be anything from changing a module you did in college to changing the wording of a role or responsibly you had in a previous job. Anything that makes you more relevant to the position. Further to this, when you go into the interview, know your CV so can both talk about it correctly and direct the conversation to how your strengths will benefit this job. Also, be prepared for this question.

I recently saw another article about what annoys interviewers. Several recruiters talked about what pet peeves they had towards candidates they come across. A few of them are related to what I just mentioned – targeting jobs and tailoring your CV towards them. One even mentioned that they had been asked ‘What position is this for?’ in the interview. I think if you’re asking that in an interview, you should be kicked out of the office!