Imogen Heap Collaborates with Deadmau5

Although slightly lower on the radar than other prominent musicians, Imogen Heap has gathered many adoring fans from around the world.

Prior to jumping into the details on the highly anticipated collaboration with Deadmau5, here’s some background on the musician who is quickly taking the electronica music world by storm.

The UK based singer/songwriter/musician got her start when she signed a record deal at the mere age of 18. Soon afterwards, her first album entitled “iMegaphone” was released. Connections she made during this process allowed her to move on with producer Guy Sigsworth to form the second half of Frou Frou. After this collaboration, Heap was determined to produce an album entirely on her own – vocals, lyrics, musical composition, playing a wide array of instruments: all done nearly by herself alone. The album was rightfully titled “Speak for Yourself”. Heap then toured extensively for two years before settling down to begin her third album “Ellipse”. After two years in the making, the album was released and received numerous exceedingly positive reviews and ultimately, won her a Grammy for Best Engineered Album. After celebrating her success, Heap went on tour once more covering Asia, South Africa, Europe, North America and Australia.

Imogen is now concentrating on an extensive project for her fourth album in which she is aiming to create a new song every four months for the span of three years. For most of these songs, Imogen has reached out to her fans for both inspiration and content. Her first song to be released in March of 2011 was titled “Lifeline” in which Heap used a wide array of sounds that fans sent in to compose the song. She has continued to create and release songs since last Spring.

And now, as we head towards the end of 2012, she now adds this track to the album. The track is titled “Telemiscommunications”. It features the classic sophisticatedly synthy, energetic sound that producer and DJ Joel Thomas Zimmerman is known for. Though this song is more low key tempo-wise than other songs featured on his new album “>album title goes here<“, it is nonetheless contribution that blends well with the entire aesthetics of his signature sound as a whole.

The song can be previewed at the link below on Imogen Heap’s website.

Also check out Deadmau5’s site here.