Medium-Light Skin Tone and Cosmetics: What’s Best for You?

If you have a medium light skin tone, you almost certainly lament the nominal color choices of make-up available. Although brown tones are ordinarily flattering, they can be a tiny unexciting, so don’t be scared to try some new stuff. You are thought to be a medium or light coloring if your skin is rose beige, light olive or ash brown.


A good foundation is the key to clever make-up. This is the basis of your cosmetics regime, and encloses both concealer and foundation, in either powder or liquid form. Make sure you select the right color for your skin tone. The incorrect colour can make your face appear pinker or whiter than it should, or washed out.

If at all possible, try and avoid foundations that contain titanium oxide ( a white pigmented powder ). Although these contain good protection from UVA and UVB rays, they can tend to leave the skin looking ashen. For obvious reasons, also avoid orange-colored bases.

There are numerous loose mineral foundations available on the market, such as Bare Escentuals, which come in many shades that suit a medium light skin tone. Foundation shades such as Porcelain, Ivory or Light should complement your complexion. If you prefer liquid foundation, try to find one that has a yellow base.

If you employ a concealer to cover dark eye circles, blots or spots, use light and shade as your guide. Dark colors absorb light and white reflects it. If you utilize a darker concealer on a spot, it’ll appear to diminish it, while employing a lighter tone under your eyes will seem to brighten them.

When selecting a blush to suit your medium to light skin, make sure you go for petal pinks, peachy apricots or almond shades to fit with your complexion. Varying the intensity of blusher and using softer colors will help you to attain a natural glow.


Many lipstick colors work best on medium or light skinned girls. Experiment to find what suits you most perfectly.

Dark red matte tones, creamy medium pinks, berry tints and glistening browns and gold colors will all suit, and buying a coordinating lip liner at the exact same time will help to achieve that precise and complete look. Examine a tester version of a lipstick or gloss on the back of your hand to see if the shade suits you before purchasing.

Eye Makeup

When it comes to your eyes, those with a medium light skin tone should avoid truly dark colors. By selecting the best eye shade for your coloring and your eye color, you may help them to stand out.

Colors that are suitable include slate greys, beige colors, bronzes, and mushroom tones. If you are feeling daring, try an aubergine shade. Use a light color, for example cream or gold, on the brow bone. This could further help to brighten the face. Avoid white as this can make your skin look pasty. If you are unsure, hold colors up to your face when out buying eye cosmetics, as you may then choose whether they’re becoming or not.

When it comes down to selecting mascara, try a dark colored shade on either the top or lower lashes. Deep purples or browns are very good for opening the eyes and make a welcome change from standard black.

Knowing your skin tone will make the once daunting task of buying cosmetics less complicated. When you’re medium light skinned, you may be able to walk into any make-up office confidently and know what will suit you and also what to stay away from.