Does No One Care About the NHL?

I have to admit, I really couldn’t care less about the NFL referee lockout. I know by now they’ve reached an agreement, but I still feel the need to write this post. I like football just as much as the average American (in fact, it’s one of the only sports I can get into at any point of the game even if I don’t know the teams), but my favorite sport is, and has always been, hockey.

What I don’t understand is why everyone is so concerned about the NFL referees when the entire NHL is in a lockout. The entire thing. That’s right, right now there will be no professional hockey this season. There still are football games, but there are no plans for hockey games. Who knows if this will change. Some cities are worried about how the absence of hockey will effect their economy – especially local businesses. For a lot of cities, hockey teams contain their shining starts; look at Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Edmonton. Imagine all the money that won’t be coming in.

For example, think of all the people without cable or sports channels who go to sports bars, restaurants ,etc. to watch the games. They might attend just because it’s habit or to do something, but why go out and spend money as much when the event you wanted to see isn’t on tv?

It’s not just about the money, though. Hardcore hockey fans look forward to the upcoming hockey season as soon as the previous one ends. For many, going to hockey games is an event for the entire family or group of friends. People are emotionally tied to the game. And let’s be real here – there’s no fights like hockey fights.

I suppose part of the purpose was for me to vent, but I hope I encouraged some of you to really think about the issue. Be thankful there is a football season. Even with a drawback such as the referee lockout, there still are games. Believe me, the regular refs in hockey games make worse calls (but perhaps I am biased). Anyway, while the football fans all tailgate, gather around big screens, and perhaps attend professional games, those of us who are hockey fans might spend the season staring at our jerseys and gear hanging in the closet.