Advice for Newcomers in the “Dying” Journalism Field

Let me get one thing straight – journalism is NOT dying. The media industry as a whole is EVOLVING. It seems nowadays college students and young ones are being instructed not to go into journalism and plenty of people/news outlets continually report that journalism jobs just aren’t there.

However, general journalism continues to be a field that always welcomes newcomers, and journalism students can develop skill sets that are essential to many careers. The field of digital journalism continues to expand, and avid readers are always hungry for new writers who are good at what they do. If writers can make their stories interesting and captivate their readers’ attention, they have a lot of scope to grow in the field of  journalism or whatever career they so choose.

Newcomers have to find a strong reader base if they wish to survive and grow in the field of general journalism. Competition is pretty fierce and newcomers have to find their own niche pretty quickly. It is very important to write about things that matter to the readers and such articles must have an interesting spin or idea to stand out from all the other hubbub on the web. Irrelevant topics will not get the readers’ attention. Newcomers must make sure that they write in a clear, concise manner because today’s readers do not have time to read long-winded articles. People like lists: “Top 5 (X)” or “10 Ways to do (Y).” Break up longer stories with pictures and headings.

If newcomers are able to attract the attention of a sizeable number of readers, the next step is to work hard to sustain that interest. They must keep writing about things and events that are of interest to their readers. General journalists must keep track of the changing ideas and hobbies of their reader base. Looking to top writers in a given field for inspiration can be extremely helpful.

So, if you dream to be a journalist, don’t give up. Create a blog. Write some content. Interview some people. Learn as much as you can. Make connections. You can survive in this technical world, it just takes a lot of dedication and passion. Don’t give up.