3 Ways to Start Living Now

Do you ever panic thinking that time is running out? Does the thought “I need to get to living” ever cross your mind?

I think that we are all guilty of simply going through the motions and letting life pass us by from time to time.  I am sure you have heard, “same thing, different day” as a response to how someone’s day is going. Heck, you might even be guilty of saying that often.  So how do you “get to living” today?

Here are 3 Ways To Start Living Now:

1)  Spend Money on Experiences

You can’t put a true price tag on experiences & memories with loved ones.  Don’t waste money on material things, instead spend money to take little trips, try new activities, and take those well-deserved vacations.  The memories you make during your experiences will last a lifetime!  Short on cash?  There are plenty of free activities out there to enjoy – get creative.  Again, it is the memories that you make, not the trips that you take!

2) Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude on a daily basis is a healthy habit to create.  People that express gratitude tend to be happier.  To start living now – start being grateful.  Focus on what you do have in your life, instead of what you don’t have.  Tip:  Count your blessings while doing a routine activity, like brushing your teeth.  While brushing, think of 5 things you are grateful for and repeat each day.

3)  Be Present

Don’t dwell on the past, don’t think about tomorrow, live in the moment today.  Be present in every aspect of your life.  Be present at work and give your best.  Be present with your family and friends and soak up the moments and enjoy their company.  Be present with your children and play and laugh as much as you can.  It is an unbelievable feeling when you can allow yourself to be fully present and fully engaged.

Operation Change Challenge of the Day

Start living today by expressing gratitude on a daily basis.  Incorporate counting your blessings by doing this during one of your routine activities, like brushing your teeth.  Think, Say, or Write what you are grateful for and make this a habit.