How to Dress in a Cap and Gown for Graduation

The choices for fashion for high school and college graduates are limited as every student has the obligation to buy and wear caps and gowns to partake in the graduation ceremonies. Some people may think that the outfit looks bad and others also think that they will generate problems throughout the real ceremony. One of the main fears of some people is that they might trip on their gown while walking up the stairs, while others are worried that their cap will drop off. There are several things you can do to make sure that you will have an enjoyable experience while wearing your caps and gowns.

• To prevent the gown from reaching to the ground while walking, make sure to order the accurate size. This involves providing both height and weight measurements when purchasing. Make sure that the gown is not too extended and fits your body comfortably. Usually the person who is in charge of ordering can assist you in picking the right size of cap and gown you need.

• Plan ahead of time on what to wear underneath your graduation cap and gown.Take into consideration the color of your cap and gown; you want something that matches the color and doesn’t look tacky. That means no sweatpants or yoga pants. Most people wear black clothing underneath while some schools have more specific rules.

• Make sure to pick up your cap and gown far in advance to ensure that everything you need to wear is fitting properly. Students who are graduating with honors or who have received awards or credit might wear items aside from the typical cap and gown. Some examples are hoods that go about the neckline of the gown, pins, or medals. If you are eligible to wear such items in the graduation ceremony, make sure to take hold of it a few days prior to make sure there are not any problems at the last minute.

• Some schools allow those who are graduating to decorate their caps. If you are partaking in a huge ceremony such as at a college or university, it is hard to stand out against so many other students wearing the same thing. Decorating the cap is the best way for family and friends to recognize you. You can use several tapes, markers, glitter, paint, stickers and other items to give the cap a little pizzazz and still look tasteful.