Valentine’s Day Ideas

Here we go, you might think. Another generic Valentine’s Day post. Well, you’re right, but we couldn’t go without saying something about Valentine’s Day. It’s a special occasion for a lot of people and a chance to do something nice for your sweetheart.

There are a few historical facts about St Valentine, a priest jailed for helping Christians escape harsh Roman prisons or for conducting marriage ceremonies for young Roman soldiers when he shouldn’t have. One legend says that he fell in love with a young girl who visited him, possibly the jailors daughter, and sent her a love note, ‘from your Valentine’.

So, as his special day is going to be soon upon us, now is a good time to start thinking about what you are going to do about it. Are you thinking of giving the  gift of chocolate (always a good idea), flowers, or maybe just a card? Although these may seem generic and are great if you’re short on time, if you want to get creative there are ways to make a gift more personal.

Perhaps your sweetheart likes a certain type of chocolate or candy so you choose that instead of the typical heart-shaped box of treats. You could even bake him or her some goodies. Instead of buying a card, make your own and write something nice inside. Skip the generic Valentine’s Day bouquet and get that special someone a little potted plant you know they’ll love. If your honey needs some relaxation time, why not give them a spa gift card?

Whatever you choose, don’t wait too long to show that special someone you care. It may seem like a cheesy holiday to some, but it’s tradition for many. A little effort is worth putting a smile on someone’s face.