Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Work For You

The start of a New Year offers a clean slate, a new beginning.  Most people take this opportunity to evaluate their lives and determine what they would like to change, incorporate, or simply do differently than the year before.  This time of reflection inspires people to want to make changes to improve their lives.  People get excited and are hopeful that “this is the year” that they drop the weight, quit smoking, or change careers so they make their New Year’s Resolution.  Unfortunately, most people break them before spring arrives.

Why do people lose traction towards their resolutions after the first few weeks or month?  Here are 3 reasons why resolutions are broken.

1)  Resolutions are too strict, too specific

For example, if my resolution was to fit in exercise and this was the resolution I set..”Exercise 5 times a week, doing the following schedule:  Monday – Cycle Class 6:00-6:45AM, Tuesday – Yoga 7:00-8:00PM, Wednesday – 20 mins stair master, 20 mins weight training, Thursday – Cycle Class….and on and on.”  Setting a strict and specific schedule is only setting yourself up for failure.  A better resolution  for fitting in exercise would be “I plan to fit in exercise at least 3-4 times per week.”

Tip:  Keep Resolutions simple and achievable.

2)  Resolutions are unrealistic

If we take the example above and add to it a strict meal plan.  So not only have I established a specific exercise plan for each day, I have now constructed a meal plan indicating what I eat for each meal every day.  Is that really realistic?  I might stick to it for the 1st week, but would I really be able to follow every day exactly the way I have it planned?  I don’t think so.  I think a better way is to list out healthy choices as meal options. List out exercise classes or plans that you would like to have as exercise options.  Then pick and choose and strive to made good decisions concerning your health each and every day.

Tip: Set goals that are challenging but, attainable.

3) Resolutions – Lack of Discipline
If it was important enough to you that you created a resolution out of it then why wouldn’t you put in the work necessary to achieve it?  People feel good about setting & talking about resolutions however, when it comes to the actual work involved in carrying out these resolutions, people tend to throw in the towel.  People make excuses, do not plan ahead and get side tracked.  A plan can only work, a goal can only be achieved if you stick to it!  Make a commitment to change.  Make a commitment to results.
Tip:  If you want results, you have to be disciplined enough to put in the effort and work required.  Take action now.

So, try to stick with your resolutions this year.  Keep them simple, attainable, and stay disciplined and put in the effort and work necessary to receive results!  Plus, who says you can only set resolutions at the beginning of the year?  Create goals throughout the year.  We all need things to aim for in life!